Individuals who wish to volunteer or become foster parents may be required to undergo a background check that includes fingerprinting. Live scan fingerprinting services can capture and process fingerprints for this purpose.

Understanding Volunteer Screening and Foster Parent Screening?

The purpose of volunteer and foster care screening is to protect the clients or persons who will adopt a child with a good name. To avoid being exposed to crimes such as assault, fraud, child abuse, and others, these are the services that we are experienced in providing.

In what way? You can tailor most volunteer screening systems to safeguard your organization and the individuals you assist. We offer the following solutions:

Entry through a direct portal.

Organizations screen volunteers right from their workstations, and background checks are carried out via an online gateway. This is the perfect answer for organizations entrusted with vetting smaller groups of volunteers. 

Request for keyed applicant.

Organizations can have volunteers enter their data by providing a link key. Then, the volunteers can do the screening at their own pace. 

Tailored volunteer and foster care screening assessment system.

Additionally, any individual or company can spend money on a customized volunteer screening platform or the foster screening program. We at Precision Fingerprinting work according to the client’s needs and will help you get a good report.

It was fingerprinting in foster care.

Anyone who wants to work as a foster parent must submit to fingerprint-based volunteer and foster care screening background checks. This is done to facilitate the quick contact of pre-screened candidates, as there is typically limited time to place children.

What’s Required?

People must fill out an affidavit before being fingerprinted for foster care. In this affidavit, applicants attest to their good moral character and lack of criminal convictions. Following the completion of this form, we will provide Binary Biometrics with a Live scan submission form for digital fingerprint capture.