In some cases, law enforcement may use fingerprints as part of a criminal investigation. Live scan fingerprinting services can capture and process fingerprints for this purpose.

Why Criminal Investigation Checks Are Important.

One of the most crucial procedures in any business is hiring; It takes a lot of time and work to identify the best applicant for a new or open position. For the business, hiring is a long-term investment. Organizations must perform criminal investigation background checks on new hires because failing to do so can cost time and money, jeopardize the safety and security of current employees, and even harm the company’s brand.

Our criminal investigation checks can be important for you.

Employee criminal investigation background checks come in a variety of forms, including qualification checks, previous employment histories, family histories, criminal histories, and more. We’ll go over two important reasons why the candidate’s criminal history check provided is so important:

Compliance with DOL laws.

You must adhere to the Department of Labor’s (DOL) DIR requirements as an HR professional, employer, and manager. Hiring new staff members requires you to follow several important laws, one of which is creating a safe workplace through the use of criminal background checks on new hires. 

We, with our criminal investigation checks, help you ensure a safe working environment.

One of the primary objectives of criminal background checks provided by us is safety or the protection of your place of employment. By looking up the criminal histories of potential candidates, you can identify any early indicators of a potential issue. This is particularly important if you engage with vulnerable populations, such as the elderly or children, or if your position involves financial assets or sensitive information access.