Many employers require applicants to undergo a background check before being hired. Live scan fingerprinting services can capture and process fingerprints for employment screening purposes.

Employment screening checks have become a good practice in today’s business environment. Nonetheless, most businesses think a cursory glance at social media is sufficient, but this is untrue. To improve hiring quality, companies need to thoroughly investigate individuals’ backgrounds. This method can verify a thorough background history, including schooling, prior work experience, court records, etc. 

Pre-employment background checks provided by Precision Fingerprinting can improve the caliber of job applications.

Pre-employment screening checks can significantly improve the caliber of prospective candidates. False information about training, experience, credentials, prior employment, etc., can harm a company. Pre-employment background checks ensure that prospective hires are thoroughly verified to eliminate applicants with inconsistencies. 

Determines a productive and safe work environment.

Unsuitable employees can be the cause of serious workplace accidents. By meticulously screening applicants, we can identify and eliminate potential threats, thereby preventing workplace violence. This proactive approach to hiring ensures that any potentially dangerous behavioral patterns are identified early, fostering a safe and secure work environment. 

Removes the risk of negligent hiring.

Any organization’s reputation can be tarnished by negligence in the hiring process. Businesses are often held directly responsible for the actions of their employees. This is because, by law and ethics, businesses are obligated to provide a safe workplace. Conducting thorough pre-employment background checks is a proactive measure that helps businesses maintain control over their workforce, ensuring that no staff member has a history of criminal activity or inappropriate behavior.