Some professions require licensing or certification, and fingerprinting may be part of the application process. Live scan fingerprinting services can capture and process fingerprints for licensing and certification purposes.

Why is contacting the professional licensing and certification service provider important?

The method of taking a fingerprint and scanning it into a computer for storage is called live scan fingerprinting. It is utilized for several things, such as immigration, employment, licensing, and certification. Our Live Scan Fingerprinting service serves the dual purposes of verifying the identity of the subject and providing an extensive background investigation. 

Live Scan Fingerprinting Forms

Our live scanning fingerprinting services, provided by Precision Fingerprinting, come in various forms and can be completed at private businesses, sheriff’s offices, and police stations, among other places.

Why should you choose us for licensing and certification?

There are numerous reasons for getting live scan fingerprinting. First, it’s a fantastic method to guarantee the security of your identification. If your fingerprints are on file, it will be far more difficult for someone to impersonate you. 

Secondly, our live scan fingerprinting services might help you avoid legal issues. 

What is the process of live-scan fingerprinting?

The practice of digitally scanning an applicant’s fingerprints and sending them electronically to a law enforcement organization for a criminal history check is known as “live scan fingerprinting.” The requesting agency receives the Live Scan results in minutes, enabling them to make well-informed employment selections promptly and effectively. 

Process of Live Scan Fingerprinting?

To begin the Live Scan process, the applicant must enter their details, including name, date of birth, and social security number. After that, the candidate places their fingers on a glass surface so that a Live Scan device may scan them. Thus, you can rely on us for the licensing and certification process.